Georgefest Case Study

Case Study:  How one Popular Nightlife Event Created an Appeal for Permanent Residency in Southern Utah

Facing financial strain from instant popularity and continuous crowd growth, George Streetfest organizers returned to the whiteboard to draft a design that could carry the community-loved event forward into the future at Historic Downtown St. George.


In October 2014, Emceesquare Media was contracted to create a new first Friday event in southern Utah. Originally known as George Streetfest, the event was designed to address a handful of issues plaguing St. George City’s image and to increase foot traffic at Historic Downtown.

By September 2016, the event had grown beyond expectation with survey results touting achievement of goals and objectives. Now faded in memory are the citations issued for public dancing (a 2014 event that made mockery of St. George on Saturday Night Live). Complaints about lack of nightlife and teens having “nothing to do” have also been displaced.

Predicting continued crowd growth based on community surveys, media analysis and measuring social media influence, organizers set a plan for the future. By January 2017, the event transitioned to nonprofit status touting a new name and expanded management structure to include a board of directors, executive director, team of managers, event committee and volunteers.

Now set to apply for grant funding, Georgefest is supported by its financial St. George City, and grants from the Convention & Visitor’s Bureau and St. George RAP Tax. By all indication, Georgefest is in a position to move forward with confidence as a nonprofit resident of the community that embraces it every first Friday night, Downtown.

Click here to read full study: CASE STUDY prepared by Georgefest founder Melynda Thorpe.