Misty Frampton: From Rooftop Recluse to Main Street Strummer

Misty found her uke in the attic of her family home.
Photo by Nick Adams courtesy Emceesquare Media

Musical talent is in Misty Frampton’s DNA. She’s the youngest in a family that includes older sisters Dia – a runner-up on the inaugural season of NBC’s The Voice, and lead singer in the band ARCHIS – and Meg, with whom Dia performed in the rocker duo “Meg and Dia.”

Watching her siblings honing their singing and songwriting skills while she was growing up, and then witnessing Dia’s success on The Voice, Misty also felt the pull to perform. But her innate shyness prevented her from realizing her dreams – until she was spotted on a rooftop, strumming her ukulele and singing. In short order, she made her debut as a street busker at the March 2016 George Streetfest. And now, as the senior at Desert Hills High School prepares to appear on Main Stage at Streetfest on October 7, southern Utah will have the chance to hear the latest of the Fabulous Framptons.
Though Misty always loved to sing, and had been encouraged to do so by her family, she’d never played an instrument, or thought seriously about a musical career. But her favorite band is Columbus, OH-based alt/indie duo Twenty-One Pilots, whose leader plays the ukulele. “I discovered them about three years ago, and really love them,” she says. “I thought it was really cool that Tyler Joseph played the uke. But I never went out and bought one, because…well, I basically have no money.”
Misty has become a Main Street mainstay at Georgefest on first Fridays.
Photo by Nick Adams courtesy Emceesquare Media Inc.

Then one day, Misty happened to be combing through some boxes stored in the Frampton household, and made a surprising discovery. “It was so crazy; I actually found a ukulele in one of the boxes! I started fooling around with it, and taught myself to play a couple of Twenty-One Pilots songs. It was really easy and super-fun, and from then on I kept learning new songs.”

Despite her sisters’ songwriting prowess, Misty says she’s stayed with performing familiar tunes. “I tried writing a few original songs, but I figured out that I’m terrible at it,” she laughs. “Sometimes I do parodies, which is fun. But mostly I just do covers.”
When asked how she made the leap to performing at Streetfest, Misty confides that when she wants some quiet time to play and sing, she grabs her uke and climbs up to the roof of her house. One evening as she was playing, she glimpsed a white truck driving slowly down her street. She continued strumming, only to see the truck park directly below her.
“At first I stopped for a few seconds, then I thought ‘well, if they don’t like it, they’ll just keep going,’ I couldn’t really tell who was in the truck, and I didn’t know if they could even hear me. But in a little while I saw the people inside pull out food and drinks…and they sat there and ate and drank and listened to me.”
Misty played what was then her entire five-song repertoire, then prepared to go back indoors. The sound of enthusiastic applause brought her up short. “I waved, yelled ‘thanks,’ and went inside. But a few minutes later my mom called me and told me to come downstairs. There were these two ladies there, and they told me they thought I sounded really good and that I should be a street busker at Streetfest. I had no idea what a busker was. But I went to the first Streetfest back in March, and I’ve been performing there ever since.”
Misty’s two new fans were George Streetfest Executive Producer Melynda Thorpe and Emceesquare CEO Amy Thorpe. Both were immediately taken with the young singer’s persona. “Misty is absolutely adorable; her style is extremely friendly and approachable, and she’s been really popular as a busker,” Melynda says. “We’re delighted to have her make her Main Stage debut on October 6.”
With Misty’s friends and family regularly stopping by to hear her play at Streetfest these past few months – and leaving some very welcome tips – Misty has already acquired the poise and experience of a seasoned performer. Her mom even steps up to sing with Misty (usually on the Elvis classic, “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You”). “It’s super-embarrassing, and it’s also really fun,” she admits, laughing again. “She always leaves me 20 bucks, so that part’s definitely cool.”
Misty was asked to perform on Georgefest Main Stage in October, she accepted the invitation calmly. But inside, she admits, she was anything but. “I was in shock; I was completely freaking out! It was such an amazing opportunity.”
It’s safe to say that Misty Frampton’s excitement is shared by everyone at Georgefest. 

Follow her on Twitter at @MistyFramps, and on Instagram at @MISTYFRAMPTON.

Written by Marianne Hamilton.