Speak Like Its 1920

Classic George celebrates the Roaring 20s this Friday night. Attendees are invited to dress in era costumes and drive classic cars to the event. In fact, driving a classic will gain you a front row parking spot on Main Street if you arrive before 5 p.m.

Here’s some era lingo to help you fit right in.


How many have you heard before? 

The bee’s knees = awesome, hip, cool

Hotsy-totsy = perfect, the cat’s pajamas

Giggle water = alcohol

Know your onions = to know what’s up or what’s going on

Cash = a smooch

Darb = something deemed wonderful or splendid

Hayburner = a car with poor gas mileage, a guzzler

Now you’re on the trolley = you’ve got it right

Olvier Twist = an extremely good dancer

Rub = a dance party for college or high school students

Sinker = a doughnut

Sockdollager = an event or action of great importance

Whoopee = to have a good dime

Belt = a drink of liquor

Bus = any old or worn out car

Clam = a dollar

Get-up = an outfit

Hip to the jive = cool, trendy