The Social Media Story of Georgefest



There is no doubt that Georgefest has a strong fan base in southern Utah and beyond. Not only is the event’s following seen each month at Historic Downtown, St. George. Fans are also making noise on social media.

First Friday, Oct. 6, marked Georgefest’s 32nd event – a milestone that provided a perfect platform for acknowledging social media stats and some hash tag favorites.

On Facebook, the number of Georgefest followers tipped just over 6,600 on the evening of Oktoberfest, with Instagram trailing (though also growing at a consistent pace) at nearly 3,000 followers. Snapchat and Twitter light up locally each month on the night of Georgefest, featuring photos, videos and images of families and groups of friends having their own kind of Georgefest experience.

With gratitude to a community that knows how to come together and have some fun, the Georgefest social media team has gathered a collection of #georgefest hash tag favorites. We love how you come and make Georgefest your very own, unique experience each month, and then share on social media.

We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we do. After all, this is the story of Georgefest from your perspective.

Georgefest is southern Utah’s favorite outdoor nightlife event. Boasting a venue that offers something for everyone, attendees of all ages and many four-legged friends gather at Historic Downtown on the first Friday night of every month.

Thanks for following. Be sure to hash tag #georgefest at future events – we’d love to see your photos.

View the full album:  click here.